How to find your website Ranking.

Website Ranking is much important than any other thing because it will provide you the Maximum traffic to your website as well as Seo improve.If you need Adsense Approval then you need traffic to your website , better design,more than 20-30 post.If your website is under 1 million Ranking then you will easily get the Adsense approval under 1 night.

What is website Ranking.

Website Ranking is the method to arrange the website according to their traffic.If your website get more than 50K traffic in whole life then your website Rank is under 1 million and that is very useful.

How to Find website Ranking.

If you ever heard  about Alexa Ranking then you may know about is the one of the Most popular website to find Ranking of any website. Adsterra is one of the popular popads monetization website in the world And it required only 1 million under Alexa ranking so you have to know your Alexa ranking before applying adsterra.

  • First go to
  • Enter the website address
  • Click on Find button and wait for second
  • You will find your website rank.
  • You can see the traffic graph

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