Not getting Adsense approval for your website.

like many other web developer you also not got adsense approval for your website.Don’t upset i have a solution for your website to monetize with Revcontent. Revcontent achieved 200 billion content per month.

Why Revcontent:

Revcontent Have highly successfull partners likee Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, Revcontent reported that it’s revenue run rate was hitting $200 million and its grow upto 900 %. . Revcontent is highly successful in native advertize during last year 2016.


we all know adsense is the best place to monetize our website and it have high cpc upto 0.55 $. After several time applying for adsense you have not get approval for your website due to some need some best native advertise to monetize your website then you can trust on Revcontent website which is 90 % similar to adsense.i have fail many times in adsense approval then after i try Revcontent for other website and you don’t belive that it is similar to adsense and you will get more cpc rate in revcontent. you will easily get revcontent approval for your website. don’t think more about disapproval of adsense account you can try revcontent because it is used by more than 100 million people all over the world . you can watch some video on youtube to confirm about payment of revcontent.

How to apply for Revcontent:

Simply follow the step and you can apply  for Revcontent.

1)-First you have to visit Revcontent website.

2)-Then click on Sign up Button at right corner of the website.

3)-Fill the detail in the Sign up page eg-site name,trafiic,name,address,company name ,username etc…..

4)-confirm your detail before Register

5)-After that click on register button below the pages.

6)-you will receive a confirm email to your registered email id.Click on confirm email:

7)-After some days you will receive a approval message to your email…..

All you have done now monetize your website and earn lot of money as per your site traffic….

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