How to check car,bikes owner information online.|| Car info apk.

Are you looking for app that can help you to find car information like owner name,manufacture date,engine no,model,fuel type etc…

Today I am going to review a car info application that is very useful for you to find any car,bikes,any vehicle info APK is best app made by cuvora company.This app is link with Indian government RTO websites and it will provide you the right information about that vehicle

Use before buying any seconds hand car&bikes.

Those who buy second hand car&bike they can use this app to know information about that vehicles and they can prevent from buying stolen car&bike.Lot of car thief change the registration no but they can’t change chassis no & engine no.So you can know the real information of that car by using this app.

Main features::

  • Know the real information of the Car&Bike eg..owner info,car age,model,fuel type,engine no etc.
  • Prevent from buying any fraud or stolen second hand car.
  • Any body can use this app.This app is not for official people but for Every citizen of India.
  • Very light and easy to use this app.
  • Available at free on google play store
  • Required very less RAM and CPU so it will install on all android device.

How To Use::

  1. First open Car info App in your Smartphone.
  2. Click on Enter Vehicle Number Eg..BR11A1234
  3. click on search button.
  4. After that you have to enter your phone no to generate OTP.
  5. Enter the OTP and proceed.
  6. After That You will find the information of that car&bike.
  7. All done you have know the real information of that car&bike.

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Best Video Recording Android App .

Are you looking for android app that can help you to record video in Perfect way.Today i am going to review Cinema FV-5 App that can Help you to improve the video quality With manual mode and automatic modes.You can download this app from google play store For Free.

Main Features:

1):This app come with Manual and automatic white balance.

2):Focus Mode for different location eg-Auto Mode,Face focus,Manual focus,infinity focus,fixed focus in center and lot more.

3):You can increase and decrease the Sensor sensitivity (ISO)Of your camera Eg- Auto ISO,  ISO 100,ISO 200 ………Upto  ISO 3200.

4):Grate Exposure compensation (EV).By using this function you can adjust the brightness of video.If you have problems with light in your house then this function will help you to improve the Quality of video recorded from this app.

5):You can setup the voice recording .

6):lighting mode, Grid mode etc….function.

7):like other app this also allow you to save your video in smartphone or memory card

8):you can adjust the resolution of video upto 4096*2160 (4k UHD) only available on pro version .Free upto 1280*960 video resolution.

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