Best Video Recording Android App .

Are you looking for android app that can help you to record video in Perfect way.Today i am going to review Cinema FV-5 App that can Help you to improve the video quality With manual mode and automatic modes.You can download this app from google play store For Free.

Main Features:

1):This app come with Manual and automatic white balance.

2):Focus Mode for different location eg-Auto Mode,Face focus,Manual focus,infinity focus,fixed focus in center and lot more.

3):You can increase and decrease the Sensor sensitivity (ISO)Of your camera Eg- Auto ISO,  ISO 100,ISO 200 ………Upto  ISO 3200.

4):Grate Exposure compensation (EV).By using this function you can adjust the brightness of video.If you have problems with light in your house then this function will help you to improve the Quality of video recorded from this app.

5):You can setup the voice recording .

6):lighting mode, Grid mode etc….function.

7):like other app this also allow you to save your video in smartphone or memory card

8):you can adjust the resolution of video upto 4096*2160 (4k UHD) only available on pro version .Free upto 1280*960 video resolution.

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JIO Mega Monsoon offer leaked @ Rs 101 per months.

Hi everyone ! After Jio summer surprise offer suspended from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Jio announced that they will bring exiting offer to their user.User who enrolled for prime member will get Jio mega monsoon offer @101 for one months and it will continue till 31 July 2017.This is one kind of leak over internet which i got while surfing. May be this leak came true after some days and you will get best offer from Reliance company. Jio is one of the fastest growing 4G networks and his mission to provide the cheap internet to all over the INDIA.



By seeing the image we cannot confirm about JIO MEGA MONSOON OFFER. But we can says that jio will bring great offer at cheaper prices. Jio has changed the way of using internet and we use 1 to 2 GB data everyday.Before jio we use 1 gb per months data at prices of 249. May be Jio mega monsoon offer will come to those user who did not enrolled for summer surprise and prime member. Jio have some great plan to their prime member user so if you have not enrolled for prime member then be quicker to sign up for prime member before 15 April.


We all know that jio summer surprise offer was great deal to his user But some kind of problem faced by jio to suspended this offer on 10 April at 11 o clock in the morning. if you have not enrollment for jio summer surprise offer then don’t upset because soon jio will bring you great offer at cheaper price.

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan IPL Offer :

This is a second type of leaked by jio new offer may be this plan come soon to his prime member user.In this plan you will get 1 gb per day internet for 84 days at prices of 349.This is fair deal to those people who did not get summer surprise offer.


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Jio summer surprise offer withdraw from jio and new offer announced .

Jio provide lots of offer  to his subscriber but few days before TRAI says to withdraw his summer surprise offer. Because he cannot provide too much data in cheap costs to his user for three months.Today i came to know that Jio summer Surprise offer has suspended by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.Due to lots of pressure from TRAI Jio has to Withdraw his 3 months jio summer surprise offer.

As jio has announced on 31 march 2017 ,subscriber can use happy new year offer until 15 april and prime enrollment also extended to 15 April. Jio also announced summer surprise offer to their user can use three months of free internet  if they recharge with 303 Or higher.

we all know jio has provided free internet from 2016 september to 2017 April. And jio plan to provided three months free data and voice calling for price of 303. But some company not like jio like Airtel,idea,Vodafone to have free data to their users.Jio has changed the way of using internet.

New April offer from jio.

When you visit  you will find that new offer is being planned by jio to make happy to their user.i thought that   jio is planning to give 500 mb data every day at price of 149 for three months to their user; May be jio has some plan but i am not sure about his plan this is some rumour  which you find on internet…