How to watch video during downloading in internet downloading manager.

Internet Downloading Manger is one of the best downloading manager ever used by PC user. Every 1/3 person used IDM to download different types of file with high speed.It come with different function to manage and control downloading eg… Speed limiting,auto start,shut down after downloading.But it have problem that when we download any video file it will not run during downloading the video but it will play after complete download.

Problem of playing video has been solved and you also use this trick to watch the video,movie etc during downloading the files.

Main Use::

  • If you are downloading any heavy movie file Eg..4 GB then you need to know the quality of that movie then this function is very useful.
  • Support all types of video file.
  • Watch your video if you have downloaded for 1%.
  • Directly play on any media player eg.. VLC media player ,Windows Media Player.
  • You Can Delete any file which has been not completely downloaded.
    Step By Step::
  1. First Download any video for some percentage or any video file has not been completely downloaded it must show on your internet downloading manager.
  2. Open Your internet downloading manger.
  3. Click on Option Which is located on the top bar of Internet downloading manager.
  4. A new Dialog Box will appear.
  5. Then Click on Save To Button.You will find two file location
  6. Click on Temporary Directory Location
  7. Eg.C:\Users\Mukesh\AppData\Roaming\IDM\
  8. Open Your RUN by searching on windows or directly windows+r
  9. paste the Temporary Directory in RUN Dialog Box (C:\Users\Mukesh\AppData\Roaming\IDM\ ) and press enter..
  10. New Folder will be appear open (DwnlData) and your pc name folder Eg..Mukesh
    You Will find your video file name click that folder and open it.
    Now Play that video and you will able to watch video during downloading.

How to check YouTube earning in google Adsense .

YouTube is second biggest website over the internet and Many people use to share video and earn money online.But Few new YouTuber have some problem to check YouTube earning in Adsense . So Today i am going to give you the tour of my Adsense account and i also show you how to check YouTube earning in Adsence.

Step By Step To check YouTube earnings::

  • First login into google Adsence account
  • Then Click on Performance reports.
  • After That Click on Default Report
  • click on filter button and select product
  • In Dialog Box Select on Hosted Adsense for content check that box and click on apply button
  • Select the time which you want to see the earning.
  • And you will find your YouTube earning on That page.





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How to check car,bikes owner information online.|| Car info apk.

Are you looking for app that can help you to find car information like owner name,manufacture date,engine no,model,fuel type etc…

Today I am going to review a car info application that is very useful for you to find any car,bikes,any vehicle info APK is best app made by cuvora company.This app is link with Indian government RTO websites and it will provide you the right information about that vehicle

Use before buying any seconds hand car&bikes.

Those who buy second hand car&bike they can use this app to know information about that vehicles and they can prevent from buying stolen car&bike.Lot of car thief change the registration no but they can’t change chassis no & engine no.So you can know the real information of that car by using this app.

Main features::

  • Know the real information of the Car&Bike eg..owner info,car age,model,fuel type,engine no etc.
  • Prevent from buying any fraud or stolen second hand car.
  • Any body can use this app.This app is not for official people but for Every citizen of India.
  • Very light and easy to use this app.
  • Available at free on google play store
  • Required very less RAM and CPU so it will install on all android device.

How To Use::

  1. First open Car info App in your Smartphone.
  2. Click on Enter Vehicle Number Eg..BR11A1234
  3. click on search button.
  4. After that you have to enter your phone no to generate OTP.
  5. Enter the OTP and proceed.
  6. After That You will find the information of that car&bike.
  7. All done you have know the real information of that car&bike.

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