Find any printed document word in your phone through app

Taking long time to search a word in your printable documents,books,paper etc.In this generation everything is possible and one application make you possible to search or find any word in your printable documents.After long research on internet i found one application known as CTRL-F  Which available on both Android & IOS app store.This app is really helpful to office person as well as students who are always searching word in printable documents..

How to use:

1-First go your app store eg play store or ios store

2-search CTRL-F app in your app store and then download it.

3-After install open the app and click on skip button

4-if you have image in you gallery then swipe from left side bar and select the image


5-or if you want to scan with camera then click on camera icons and click one photo of your documents.

6-click on continue button and after that app will scan all the word from your documents and it take 2 to 3 minute to completely search all the words..

7-click on search icon and search the item which you want to search in your documents eg-word contain in your paper documents .

8-all you have done install this app and use it.

if you have any question related to this topic comment me below:

YouTube Go apk file download free for india .

Youtube Go Android app download

Even with ever-improving mobile data coverage and an increasing number of WiFi hotspots, it’s often still difficult to watch videos anywhere you’d like. This problem is especially prevalent in less-developed countries. Because of this, the YouTube team has created YouTube Go, an app that centers around saving videos to view later.

 Yes, yes, Artem needs to clear his notifications.

YouTube Go was first announced back in September of 2016 with a promise that it would become fully public “early next year.” Essentially, it’s an offline and more social spin on the widely-used YouTube app – video previews load before downloading so that you can decide whether you’d like to watch or download that video, you can select the resolution and see how much space each resolution level will take before saving a video, and you can share your saved videos with friends via Bluetooth transfer.


Judging from our brief interaction with the YouTube Go thus far, it seems to be possible to watch and download most YouTube videos. However, you’re restricted to basic or standard quality; no 1080p or even 720p here, folks. During the initial phase, it requires you to enter your phone number and verifies it with a text in order to do some friend-finding later on, which is presumably similar to how Allo and WhatsApp operate. The verification process worked for Artem and Cody without a hitch, but Go refused to allow me to connect, even after multiple tries on multiple devices with multiple phone numbers.

DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE GO APK FROM HEAR:-CLICK HEAR TO DOWNLOAD YouTube Go APK over at APK Mirror; , the app is still only official for India.YouTube Go (Unreleased)


What is YouTube Go new app..

1-Stream video in less data

2-Upload or share video in small size with high quality video

3-It was specially for 2G data user thos who want to watch youtube video online with slow speed